Historical Living Wax Museum

5th wax museum Kyle G 2014This week 5th grade turned in to a living wax museum for all the students and families to see. So many inspirational historical people were brought to life as each visiting customer offered a ticket. What a great way to remember what you learn by bringing it to life!









Spanish at Placer Academy

spanishsmLearning a new language can be tough, but when you add movement to new words, the vocabulary can be more easily committed to memory. Students like to move while they learn, why not apply that when learning a language?

5th Graders Celebrating Renaissance Unit

5th Ren fair quill Feb 2014sm5th grade celebrated the end of our Renaissance unit with fun activities. We practiced writing Shakespeare quotes with quills and ink and sewed a Renaissance coin pouch. We also used our knowledge of the scientific method to determine the color of our yarn using natural dyes from vegetables such as beets. Last we enjoyed tasting Leonardo da Vinci’s favorite lunch, delicious minestrone soup.

STEM Expo Winners!

5th STEM fair Mar 2014Congratulations to Claire Daggett, Audrey Robinson and Benny R. for placing at the William Jessup STEM Expo!! Claire and Audrey placed 1st for their exploration of hand sanitizers and Benny placed 3rd for his Rube Goldberg project. Way to go!! It was a fantastic day of science presentations, hands on STEM activities, 3D printers, RC Cars, robotics, and tons more.